1983 : Madonna NYC83 Contact Sheets (R.Corman)

Madonna NYC 83 celebrates the vibrant electricity of early 1980s New York.  Richard Corman met Madonna by chance in 1983 and created a beautiful and iconic collection of images of the young Madonna and downtown New York that remains timelessly inspiring and significant. Madonna NYC 83 is not only an homage to Madonna and the early 80s, but also a collage of exuberance, humor, fashion, sexiness, and performance.

“He didn’t even realize that the apartment he’s been living in for three years was hers, until the landlord told him the other day,” Corman said. “He called me and I went back there, and to walk into that narrow hallway that had been lined with the men and kids who lived in the building, who’d parted like the seas for her. To relive that 30 years later was so crazy, I just thought ‘Okay, this really did happen – she really was that special.’ It reconfirmed the experience.” An unforgettable experience that has come full circle, in the way that only those magical New York moments can.

“The first time Madonna introduced herself to Richard Corman, she served him bubble gum and an espresso on a silver tray. It was 1983 and they were meeting in her East Village apartment for a photo shoot.”
“It was a time in the city where the energy was just crazy wonderful,” Corman said. “It was this carnival of creativity going on, especially downtown, and you just felt it. At that time I was leaving Avedon’s studio and going out on my own and I was photographing the Keith Harings and the Basquiats and the Madonnas and the punk scene. It was original, it was unique and it was on fire.”
I’m somebody who for better or for worse takes pictures and then archives them,” Corman explained. “In this case, they’ve always been in the back of my mind because I knew they were important to me for a number of reasons. I never felt a need to bring them out, but now everything about the pictures feels modern – the way she’s dressed the way she’s styled from her makeup to her hair to her fashion to her attitude.”

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