Holiday GHV2″ Thunderpuss DEMO Megamix Barry Harris – Listen + Download Link

I don’t think anyone knows this was attempted.
Back in 2001 when Thunderpuss was asked to submit a GHV2 megamix for Madonna, an exec high up wanted to hear what it would sound like on top of “Holiday”, so while Jody Den Broeder started working on the regular megamix, i started on this.
I was pretty sure it couldn’t be done with the limited ‘pitch shifting’ technology at the time. So with the entire studio session of “Holiday” digitized now at my fingertips and about 10 different Accapellas i got to work. It was quite painstaking to work out the key to each song and to what note in Holiday (if looped) MIGHT make it work. So yes of course it was impossible to put 6-8 Madonna accapellas on top of one (Holiday), but i was certainly up for the challenge and kinda curious myself.
You’ll hear a few times it worked and a few times it didn’t. Nowadays i’m more confident it would work by using Melodyne. Bottom line, i spent days on this and yes there are a few times it sounds awful and a few accapellas totally out of key which i added in to prove the point that it couldn’t be done.
Nevertheless this was the best we could do with the request at the time, and yes Warner Bros agreed it was an idea that didn’t work, so it was scrapped.

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